Casserole recipes

Casserole recipes

Southwestern Casserole

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Total Time


  • 2 servings (8 oz .) uncooked elbow macaroni
  • 2 kilos soil meat
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • two garlic cloves, minced
  • two containers (14-1/two oz . every and each and every) diced tomato plants, undrained
  • 1 can (16 ounces) k > Standpoint Menu


  • Prepare foodstuff macaroni in accordance to deal recommendations. In the meantime, in a enormous saucepan, make meat and onion more than medium warmth, crumbling beef, until meats has stopped being pinkish. Include garlic clove prepare foods one minute lengthier. Pressure. Blend in soon after that 8 factors. Give a boil. Lower heat simmer, uncovered, for ten minutes. Deplete macaroni blend into beef mix.
  • Pre-heat your oven to 375°. Trade macaroni mix to 2 greased two-qt. getting ready recipes. Prime rated with cheeses and jalapenos. Protect and make at 375° for 30 minutes. Expose get ready correct up till bubbly and heated up through, about 10-20 minutes lengthier. Give one casserole. Wonderful one more offer with and freeze up to three months.
  • To perform with frozen casserole: Thaw in freezer 8 several hours. Preheat your oven to 375°. Take away from fridge a half-hour well ahead of cooking. Cover and make, increasing time as required to heat by way of and then for a temperature gauge set in center to understand 165°, 20-25 minutes.
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Just take, I lately was not thrilled with this menu. It experienced been type of dry and didn’t have really considerably zip. I make the quality by 50 % and was delighted I did since we just failed to seem after all of it very much. It aided incorporating hot sauce even though and was considerably far better the following day.

I have acquired been location up a variation of the for twenty 5 several years i found whilst turning employing a publication in a ready about area employing 1 of the youngsters. It totally was recognized as Pecos Spaghetti and fundamentally had the identical elements besides it completely was a implies to use left above chili, which is precisely what I do for this working day! After we have a great offer of left above chili, one evening we now have chili pet puppies and the other night time time we have Pecos Noodles or Southwestern Casserole as it’s named on this page. I prepare dinner my macaroni, scorching the chili on the cooker introducing the made spaghetti, contain a can of complete kernel corn and grated dairy products and supper is carried out! It really is simple peasy and my entire loved ones enjoys it!

I carried out the dish as designed and my spouse and that i consider it is great. We obtained a number of foodstuff from it following which there was the reward of relocating out your freezing one a few months in the potential. Created following and eaten frequently. My kind of cooking foodstuff.

I concur Matt, this can be Goulash or Chili Mac laptop, should you like. ??

This may possibly appear like an excellent menu. So that it is now, in truth. I truly feel it will most likely be fantastic as shortly as it’s completed. Could we concentrate on what this genuinely is though? This is goulash with a little bit of a very hot angle. Not just a problem as I love goulash only want to amount it all out if you occur to will not. Get enjoyment in!

Didn’t find out how to price this because I haven’t managed to get nevertheless, but I am wanting to know if a particular person could suggest however yet another liven to make use of apart from cumin. Our youngsters HATES cumin and we are not correct huge on cilantro (in tons of mexican foods) often. Like a couple of other folks in this write-up, I may possibly make use of a can of Rotel tomatoes as an different to by employing a can of eco-welcoming chilies plus a can of tomato crops. Appears like a no-brainer. My DH is diabetic and so i would most probably not use as a whole lot macaroni but he is ready to possess some without problems.

My choice to help hold a dish (or potentially prepare it as soon as again) is if my son likes it. This distinct 1? A keeper!

Great but requires more spice. I accept prior two critiques along with their advised modifications. In addition, i recommend utilizing 1/two meat/1/2 chorizo sausage to kick it. Also, advise using Rotel fairly than straightforward diced tomato crops. We also extra considerably far more cumin

Debbie you get ready like I do. Brownish the ground meat by oneself and deplete the excess fat then darkish brown any purple onion, garlic herb or peppers. Why dump the flavor of these products in the rubbish. I used black beans rather of renal system and as the pic proved, but the recipe didn’t require, I included freezing corn and a number of minced clear serrano peppers, we like sizzling. This is a good commencing point formulation for having by means of which in fact route flavour sensible as well as warmth intelligent you want.

I created this right now and of course it finished up superb. I employed three servings of cavatappi spaghetti alternatively of 2 servings of elbows. My cavatappi package thought to boil for eight-9 a number of minutes – I boiled for seven. I integrated taco seasoning on the meat, and tripled the quantity of cumin and chilli organic powder. I substituted the renal technique beans with black beans. I cooked it for roughly 25 moments, and following that broiled it on increased for the up coming 2-3 times. I did so not recognize that it finished up mushy by any indicates. I do think it would be excellent with a few corn additional, but was delicious nonetheless!

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